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The AMS experiment is a collaboration of dozens of institutions in Asia, Europe, and North America. The experiment is funded collaboratively by these institutions and various government agencies. The AMS internal home page is maintained here.

The AMS Experiment Guided Tour was written mostly by Benjamin Monreal, with extensive help from the collaboration (special thanks to Aurelien Barrau, Marco Molina, Steven Harrison, Ad Delil, Diego Casadei, Federico Palmonari, Kate Scholberg, Manfred Steuer, and Sam Ting). Ben is a graduate student at MIT in Cambridge, MA. He works with Prof. Peter Fisher on the AMS TRD gas systems, and studies indirect darkmatter detection, light isotopes in cosmic rays, microquasars, and other topics. His personal home page is here.


All text and HTML on this page is (c) 2002 by the AMS-02 Collaboration. All images, photos, CAD renderings, of the AMS apparatus are (c) 1998-2002 by the AMS Collaboration unless otherwise noted (e.g., magnet images are (c) Space Cryomagnetics Ltd.). This material may be used freely (in the usual science fashion) as long as it retains attribution. All images of astronomical objects and NASA hardware are (c) NASA and used without specific permission. Please contact Ben (via the MIT Directory at http://web.mit.edu/) if you believe that an image is being used inappropriately.